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    Welcome to Durban Beach Shelter
    Help Us To Help The Needy.

    Skills and Development Programs

    Street Feeding Schemes

    No Discrimination Accomodation

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    Durban Beach Shelter Provides

    a way for underpriviledged and destitute to rehabilitate from their abuses.
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    Providing Education
    and Social Welfare
    varies programs

    Please contact us if you would like to help.

Recent news

The nature of work the organization conducts is based on the humanitarian needs and beliefs. Hereunder is the background of the organization and the work being conducted.

The organization was established in 1998 by Mr MSHM Sanuseen (Deen Mohamed) foreign national from Sri-Lanka. He had experienced and had seen the plight of the poverty-stricken and destitute individuals. He was so moved by the tragic circumstances of the homeless that he launched the Durban Beach Shelter with the financial support he received from his family back home

To date the organization had assisted approximately 6.8 million individuals since its launch. We assist all individuals irrespective of race, colour, sex, religion or nationality. We do not practice xenophobia. It provides ... Read More →

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To be authentic and fundamental institute on sustainable development and assistance to those in desperation.

Mission Statement

To enchance lives of those underprivileged and destitute through assistance of all the support systems. To assist them through a variety of prgrams to become independent and sustainable as well as allow them access to education, social welfare and pertaining individuals requirement.

Special Thanks

*Advocate DD Naidoo and our attorney Mr Shabeer Joosab.
And we sincerely thanks all others who had assisted us to pursue in our endeavor to help the destitute and underprivilaged. Do note without your contribution it would be difficult for us to achieve our aims and intentions.
Our Trustees are:
Mr Edris Khamissa, Mr Ismail Mansoor, Mr Shabeer Jossab and Mr Michael Isaac.

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